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PERCDC Learnhub

This website is developed to convey specific information and allows students to gear around actionable information for a much competitive learning experiences. This site also provides access to our Learning Mobile Applications like PMM (Passer Mastery Module) for ECE Reviewees, PERCBook for College students, QuexBook and QuexHub for Senior High School students. It also showcases a Dashboard - a platform where students can monitor their performances and track their progress for better self-assessment. Through this website, teachers can also create a Virtual Classroom where they can monitor student’s performances and therefore be able to provide an effective feedback.


Who We Are

PERCDC Learnhub is a technology-oriented learning institution that is accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provider, and has been in the industry for two decades. Its services include Academic Mentoring and Enhancement, Review Courses, Technical Training and Seminars, Personality and Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship and Consultancy.
PERCDC Learnhub’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination to innovate and find new areas of growth allowed the group to withstand and grow through the years.

Our Goal

What We Believe


PERCDC Learnhub's mission is to develop globally competent individuals who are time conscious, innovator, motivator, and enthusiastic; those who can adapt to the changing trends in learning and who have passion for life and service to be able to contribute a significant impact to society.


PERCDC Learnhub's envisions to become the central point in providing learning throughout the different stages of life and in an individual’s various chosen field or profession.

Core Values

Time Consciousness – TIME is the most valuable resource. We value individuals’ TIME because we respect and value the importance of other people. Thus, we encourage our mentors to be time conscious not just by being punctual but also to accomplish specific tasks, projects, or goals within the given timeframe.

Innovation – We welcome ideas and we celebrate differences. Our main goal is not just to succeed in a certain area but also to challenge the status quo and move forward through maximizing opportunities and reengineering the way things work in order to fit to the needs of the present and the future.

Motivation – We believe that motivation is the key aspect why an individual push harder towards their goals. We see to it that the PERCDC Learnhub team and its mentors are not just teachers but also one of the motivators of the learners.

Enthusiasm – At PERCDC Learnhub's we believe in the law of attraction, that energies are contagious. We encourage our mentors to maintain enthusiasm. Mentors who are enthusiastic will show a positive energy when doing their job. In return, this energy will attract the learners such that eagerness and keenness towards learning is achieved.

Our Branches

Manila Branch

0949 669 9588/ 0922 804 0455

Cavite Branch

0997 733 6994 / 0908 536 2934

Cebu Branch

0923 519 7457

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