Review Courses

Our Professionally Enhanced and Re-engineered Courses (PERC) are developed and conducted by passionate and values-oriented professionals with vast knowledge and experiences in their respective fields. We offer the following review courses: Professional Board Exam (ECE, ECT, LET, etc.) and College Entrance Tests (UPCAT, College Entrance Exam, etc.)

Professional Review Courses Offered:
Our Review Program:
• Review Classes (Maximum of 60 students per class)
• Weekly Periodic Evaluation Tests (PETs)
• Tutorials after (PETs)
• Monthly Comprehensive Evaluation Tests (CETs)
• Group Study every before CETs
• Weekly Topnotchers Evaluation (Percian of the Week)
• Pre-Board Exam
Our Refresher Program:
• Beat-The-Board Personalized Strategy Making and Game Planning
• Refresher Take-Home Exams (Rtes)
• Refresher Proficiency And Mastery For Rtes
• Refresher Exam Series (RES)
• Class Discussion After Every RES
• Mock Board Exam
Our Coaching Program:
• Vistual Reviewer
• Coaching Notes Series (CNS)
• Slide Shows
• Mock Board Exam
• Final Coaching per Subject
• In-house
Only in PERCDC
• In-house
• Personalized 1 on 1 meeting
• Ladderized program for the new trend of board exam
• Well planned monthly scheduling for maximum learning and preparation
• Fun and effective monthly group study with group reward and assigned mentor
• Friendly and homey environment • Free weekly tutorials
• Heartily dedicated mentors
• Specialized and customized “conditional” program
• Free individual strategy making and game planning in beating the board exam
• Conductive library with standby mentor
• Not overcrowded classrooms
• Updated facilities with the latest technology


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