Academic Ehancement

Designed for High School and College Students who want to strengthen their academic foundation in Math and Science. Students with an enhanced understanding of the subject leads not only to good grades but an increase level of confidence. Furthermore, it incorporates learning activities to develop the skills necessary for academic success to prepare them best for the next level of education.

Our Academic Enhancement Programs:
 Academic Group Mentoring (3-4 students only)
 Academic Class Mentoring (10-30 students only)
 Academic Seminars & Conventions (100-800 students)

Subjects Available for Mentoring
Junior High School Students
• Any Math and Science Subjects
Senior High School Students
• Any Math and Science Subjects
College Students – All Courses
• Any Math (including Discrete Math and Statistics/Probability)
• Any Science Subjects
College Students – Engineering
• ECE Major Subjects
• EE Major Subjects (Available Soon)
• ME Major Subjects (Available Soon)
• CE Major Subjects (Available Soon)
Academic Seminars & Conventions Topics
Senior High School
• STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Strand
• ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management) Stran
• HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) Strand
• GAS (General Academic Strand)
College (Tertiary Education)
 Engineering and Architecture Courses
 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
 Business Courses


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